Sunday, October 21, 2007

Into the unknown

I believed people are given the right opportunities that'll prove themselves, their capabilities, their talents or test their individuality. It is on the choices we make that speaks off the difference.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Shopping... Sad!

I was horrified to hear the news yesterday... Explosion on Glorietta 2 at half past 1.

The mall I most love to shop, dine, to watch movies, meet up with friends, to walk around, to sight-seeing (so many beautiful people around), to night-outs, just about everything...

It was our college tambayan, lunch at Wendys, Burger King or McDonalds or Jollibee. Suki at National Bookstore.

And yesterday, it was sad... thursday morning I was supposed to go home (to my parents house in Muntinlupa) but opted to stay in my apartment here in Bataan since I was not feeling quite well... had I gone home, surely I will be in Glorietta friday afternoon... It is in my itenerary always... before heading back to Bataan to stop by in Ayala and do my grocery, or watch film or just window shop... I guess, it was not yet my time...

My prayers for the victims and their families.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Just About Anything...

1st stop:
Babyface Live in Manila!
October 13, 2007 at The Araneta Coliseum
- Obviously, I won't be able to watch it... waaaaahhhh! I so love his music... abangan ko na lang ang Live CD nito.

2nd stop:
The Beyonce Experience Live!
November 7, 2007, 7pm at The Fort Open Field
- I'm super thrilled about this concert....naman! 20K, SSVIP ticket price... Gosh! parang kelangan kong i-loan yun at bayaran for two years... hahaha! so, next ticket price please... 16k+SVIP, ano ba! next ticket price... 5,665.00 VIP... kahon!.... 2,575.00, Patron A... ahmmmm... ano next price?... 1,030.00, Patron B... ayan, affordable na... waaahhhh ayaw magpa-reserve thru internet... bakit ganon!!!... next price? 618, general patronage, eh hangin na lang ng music ni beyonce ang sagap dito...
- 2,575.00??? mahal pa rin!!! cge, pag-iisipan ko ito?... (sino kaya ang makikilan ko... ?hehehe!)

3rd stop:
Reservation for the Red Mug
- I received an email from a male friend, asking for a reservation with me on The Red Mug. With a note, kahit hindi ako umiinom ng kape.
- It made me smile... why not! I mean... just having coffee together...

4th stop:
Badminton Tournament
- The company's Badminton Tournament for this year had its championship last tuesday. With the Green Team winning on the Mixed Doubles category, (Mark hallar and Juliet Fabella, beating Efren Gualdajara and Lady Cruz of the Yellow team). Yellow Team on Mens Double Category, (Juniel Claro and Rhoy Barrera beating Jayne Jamboy and Joseph Tuazon tandem of the Red Team) and tan...tananan... Red Team on Womens Doubles Cartegory. It's me and our Chemist, Vanessa, grabbed the spot after defeating the Yellow Team, Jem and Irma, with their twice to beat standing...
- The cash price isn't actually the pot we're after, but the prestige, I might say, to go to Makati and play against the company's Makati office people... with the President. (hanep!) (schedule is on Oct.27... can't wait!)

5th stop:
Desktop Computer
- The company had it's Family Day Activity yesterday, with me leaving behind! huhuhu! I was schedule to work from 2pm to 10pm. The activity is from 3pm-7pm. It's an annual activity intended for the employees' family, while single employees can bring their parents or siblings but not their boy/girlfriends. With this year's theme Pirates of the Carribean. The children are encourage to wear costumes according to the theme, complete with props. (I made a treasure chest for Rheena's son, Raj, the night before). Of course, cash prize awaits for the most creative participant.
- Games for children and adults, groceries and raffle prizes are given away... Speaking of raffle prizes, on duty personnel are still included in the raffle (syempre naman!) 2 laptops and 3 desktops are at stake... (these are second hand, company used)
- I was not in the mood for any chit-chat since just right after the turn-over time, I was already working doubly fast, the first 3 hours drained me enough.
- And then, a ring on my phone... it was Rheena... "Uy, Au, nanalo ka ng desktop!", "Ha?! Talaga? ang saya naman!", then text messages follow through... from my Sir Randy, Edward and Mike informing me.
- Huwaw! I was all smile after... and Joan, Joseph. Ryan, Loreto and Tanggas, chorusly said: "Nakakausap na ng matino si Au ngayon, Yehey! hindi na masungit at mainit ang ulo!!! tambakan na ulet ng sample! hahaha!" "yung computer ng FOB dito sa DCS ang ibibigay sa 'yo! hahaha!"
- Whether an old model computer or to be junked, the fact that my name was handpicked in 100 other names of all the employees... I was considered lucky...
- Today, Efren, told me, "Ang swerte mo naman Au, talagang naniniwala na ko sa kasabihan, pag swerte ka sa raffle o carreer hindi ka swerte sa pag-ibig...!", "Hahaha! mukhang may tama ka dyan, pag nanalo pa ko ng grand prize sa Christmas party naten, yun na talaga yun! hahaha!"
- Teka ganun ba talaga yun? (sabay nag-isip tuloy ako...)

6th stop:
Politics or Showbiz
- Whether the ZTE deal issue or Ang Pagbubukas Muli ng Bahay ni Kuya for the Celebrity Edition 2 on sunday, ay naku busy na naman ang TV sa bahay for the 24hr live streaming ng Bataan Cable. (at dahil naka-cable kami, libre na 'to). Pero mas interasado yata ako sa Pampanga Quary Operation Tax collection na napanood ko sa Probe...
- To: Ysay: kay Mito ka na lang... or else akin sya! hehehe!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Case No. 6: Cute Past

It was surprising for me to received a text message from an old friend a week ago... I mean, not that I never expect the person to 'still' reach out to me but I think there's nothing more to talk about other than the plain kamusta ka.

There were things in my past that was left behind the doors of my memory. Not expecting anymore that'll knock in my head in due time. But true enough, after nine years...

The what if question suddenly tricked my mind.

Walked away from the idea of a romantic relationship with him. Not knowing the pain I caused him. Separated after graduation. Established our own careers. and after3 or 4 years, he settled down. Never it bothered me, I was still carefree...

And after all this time, his heart still sings for me...
"How can I tell you... that I love you.... I love you...
And I can't find the right words to say..."

The thing is: it is just bound to be a cute past in my memory.

I quote from a witness friend:
" Alam mo kahit ano pa man dapat wala ng effect ang mga sinasabi natin sa kanya. Cute lang balikan ang nakaraan lalo na those unsolve questions lalo na kung part na ng history na di na mababago pa."

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Red Mug

I never get used to drinking coffee
Eversince I never liked its taste
Its that malt-chocolate drink that perks up my day... always
Until, I guess it goes with aging that... that malt-chocolate drink doesn't perk me up anymore...
It's energizing effect on me lasts only for about 30 minutes...
And so my tastebuds, accepted the bitter taste of coffee
And yes, eventually loved it!!!
Gosh! now I'm getting addicted...
It's not the espresso, frapuccino or cappuccino or whatever ccino...
In Starbucks, Seattles best or Bo's Coffee Club
Just the classic... coffee.

It's nice to share a cup of coffee with a someone...
Be it a friend, parents, or that "someone"
Sharing stories or just simple enjoying the hot coffee drink
That warms and relaxes the body in this cold-rainy season...

But for now, let me enjoy my own coffee moment...

'Til that "someone" share a cup of cofffee with me...

OT: I'll be delighted to have this red mug on Christmas day...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I don't get it!

Friend: “Wow! Aura nice hair!”
Aura: “Thanks!”
Friend: “Alam mo gusto ko rin magpagupit ng maiksi, yung tulad kay Gretchen, kaya lang ayaw ng boyfriend ko…”

….and my eyebrows raised up hiiiigh in the sky…

Aura: “Bakit naman naka-big T-shirt ka dyan sa swimming nyo…? you can wear sando naman o racer back kaya tas shorts, if you can’t wear swimsuit.
Friend: “eh kasi medyo conservative boyfriend ko,ayaw nya masyado sexy na damit.”
Aura: “So kung halimbawa you were in Bora, magpapajama ka sa beach?”
Friend:“Hindi naman, masyado ka naman… T-shirt at shorts, pwede naman dun di ba?!”

….and I gave her a blank look…

Friend: “Uwi na ko, pinauuwi na ko ng boyfriend ko eh!”
Aura: “Whaaaat! Kakadating mo pa lang, wala pa tayong 30minutes nag-chichikahan… hellloww!”
Friend: “Eh kasi, may lakad pa kami eh!”
Aura: “Nyee! Di ba sabi ko sa ‘yo paalam ka na for today na magkakasama tayo... It’s only for today... eh araw-araw naman kayo magkasama ng boyfriend mo..”
Friend: “eh kasi…”

….and I looked far away…

Aura: “Sino yang ka-text mo? Mukhang hindi mo mapigilan magtext ng magtext eh?”
Friend: “Si boyfriend’”
Aura: “Ah ok! Sana sinama mo na lang sya para at least hindi na kayo magtetext-text dyan…tipid pa sa load..”
Friend: “Eh ayaw sumama eh.”
Aura: “Ganun ba?. Eh kasi parang hindi ka rin namin kasama, dyan ka sa cellphone mo naka-concentrate…di ka nga makakwentuhan eh…”
Friend: “Kasi tinatanong nya ko eh…:
Aura: “Can’t you tell him na you are having your time with your friends, tas te-text mo na lang sya later? Mga after 2hrs lang o kahit 1hr na lang para naman makapagkwentuhan tayo ng hindi naiistorbo ng pagtunog ng phone mo”
Friend: “Eh kasi…ano eh…”

….and I just kept my mouth shut …

From sporting a new hairstyle to choosing on what to wear or having curfews at the age of 27… I don’t get it…
Is it really is the norm in a relationship?
Do you have to ask for your SO’s opinion, oh not actually opinion, but permission, if you can have a new hairstyle, or if your can wear this or not, or if you can attend to a little get-together with old friends (of course provided with curfews he set!).

If this is so, then I must say in no time at all you can't hardly tell what is your favorite color…

…. No! I’m too pig-headed to settle on a compromise on these simple things…