Monday, October 29, 2007

Bataan vs Makati

Bataan in Red and Makati in Yellow

The Invitational Badminton Exhibition Game of the company where I worked took place yesterday. The Bataan Team champions travelled all the way from Bataan to Makati: Juniel and Rhoy, Mark and Ms. Jay, Vanessa and myself, and special invites to Efren and Lady.
In The Zone Badminton Center, we get it on!

First Game: Bataan: Juniel and Rhoy vs. Makati: Mr. Okada and Henry (import).

Second Game: I was surprised to be playing against the company's President, Mr. Koike and the Director for Corporate Affairs, Mrs. Tanglao. My partner, Vanessa was dumb-founded. Of course, with due respect to them, we can't play as hard as we normally do... I mean, how can we afford to give them smash and do placing? We can't! Before the game starts, it was agreed to get the game until third set. Gosh! will they endure the game? Much of the anticipation... I was even more surprised when the game heats up, Mr.Koike could hit the shuttle cock good while Mam Tanglao is expert on the drop shot. All sweats in a very fun game.

Third Game: Bataan: Mark and Juliet vs Makati: Ronald and Chat

Fourth Game: Bataan: Efren and Lady vs. Makati: Eric and Rhoda

Me and Vanessa: Special thanks to our major sponsors: Rheena, Ana and the Red Team for our sexy red uniform by FILA. Carlito for my Babolat Badminton Racket. Joseph for the digital camera. Dra. Vicky Belo (hehehe!) and Bambi Fuentes for hair and make-up... (naman!)

Dinner for the hungry players at Grappas, Makati...