Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good laugh

When was the last time you had a good laugh? as in a really, really good laugh that it made your stomach and jaws aching, even made your pants a little wet? with you friends? with your family? especially with your S.O.? (significant other).
Sense of humor is vital in any relationship, just like understanding and trust, in my opinion. In any situation, a little look on the lighter note, can elevate a troubled spirit.
But of course, sense of humor with wittiness that I'm talking about. The one which makes a little sense in a no-nonsense matter.
Yeah! but sometimes a non-sense humor can simply put a smile on a frowning face.
Good laugh brings lightness to the stressed heart, strengthens the bonding between relationships and fills the list of precious and treasured moments together.

Have a good laugh everyday!
Thanks to all who never fails to share good laughs with me...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh Yeah! All right!

Sharing the Night

You're looking kinda lonely girl
Would you like someone new to talk to
Ah-yeh, alright

I'm feeling kinda lonely too
If you don't mind can I sit down here beside you
Ah-yeah, alright

If I seem to come on too strong
I hope that you will understand
I say these things 'cause I'd like to know
If you're as lonely as I am and if you mind

Sharing the night together
Sharing the night together
Sharing the night

We could bring in the morning girl
If you want to go that far
And if tomorrow find us together
Right here the way we are would you mind

Sharing the night together
Sharing the night together
Sharing the night

Would you like to dance with me and hold me
You know I want to be holding you
Ah-yeah, alright
'Cause I like feeling like I do
And I see in your eyes that you're liking it too
Ah yeah, alright

Like to get to know you better
Is there a place where we can go
Where we can be alone together
And turn the lights down low

And start sharing the night together
Sharing the night together
Sharing the night together
Sharing the night

...Duet TAYO!...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rare find

I was on my routine trip before heading back to Bataan last Sunday, at my all-time favorite chill-out place. Just going around the malls refreshing myself, when at a bump in a homeware section of a department store, something caught my full attention, I smiled and one person came into mind... and thought it's a rare find, really a rare find.

Could the number and the design be that a little famous that even on a drinking glass it was designed? While I search so many places looking for a specific item with that ecthed but was unfortunate to find one and now in my front, unexpectedly on an unexpected thing... Yeah! It's a good luck indeed!

While I thought, it may be awkward to give it, but whatever, I still find it a rare piece.

And while my creativeness seemed to be rusting already, (haven't done a little artwork in years...). The thought of making it extra special is quite a challenge. How can I make a symbol or something meaningful and not just end it in a cupboard. Oh well, a little connect the dots from a wrapper of a famous doughnut chain for my message and raw-tear calendar for the bag... with my time and effort... it's a labor of love... Naman!

For someone who is also a rare find...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A surprise today...

And so, I just recently joined the craze in a social networking site. Yeah! I know I'm super late to get hooked! (Thanks to Melay for being the very first person who wrote on my "Wall", welcoming me in the circle, just few minutes after I signed-up).

And what could be more surprising than an invitation to be added among my friends... from an old ahmmmm... Yeah! old flame... someone from the past... my past... Gosh! After six years... Indeed! surprising to me...

Not a good ending, but I don't keep grudges anyway... And I believe time heal all wounds... And both have moved on... Blah...Blah...Blah...

Enjoy life!

Thursday, August 06, 2009


I think only few people know that my favorite color is yellow since red dominates in my things. Today sea of yellow covered the metro, happy yellow...calming yellow...vibrant yellow... Though heaven seemed to be crying.

I was celebrating my 6th birthday when the so called EDSA People Power Revolution happened in February 25, 1986, unaware of what's heating-up in EDSA, enjoying my little birthday party. From then on, I had the priviledge of enjoying my natal day as oftentimes declared a special non-working holiday as the country commerates the rebirth of democracy, freedom from dictatorship.

Haven't realize the true meaning of what I am having, of what we are having, until the the television flourished with so much news and tributes for our beloved former President Cory Aquino...

I was glued on the boob tube today (if I'm in Manila, I'll definitely join the people waiting to get even a glimpse of the funeral convoy)... and the people who flocked the wake till the funeral march is astounding. And even I wore a yellow shirt today.

With so much gratitude for the democracy we have right now: Thank you, President Cory!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Kung pwede lang...

Siguro meron talagang mga bagay na sadyang hanggang dun na lang...
Na kahit na anong gawin mo, hindi mo mababago ang katotohanan na hindi pwede ang hinihingi mo...
Na kahit na anong saya mo sa isang pagkakataon, alam mo na hindi iyon magtatagal...
Na kahit na anong pagdeadma ang gawin mo, hindi mo pa rin maitago ang totoong nasa loob mo...
Na kahit na anong isip mo, alam mong wala ka talagang magagawa kundi ang tanggapin na hanggang dun na lang talaga...
Nothing more, nothing less... kaya kailangan ko ng matulog...
Epekto lang ito ng matinding puyat!!!


Monday, August 03, 2009

Dream Away...

There are things, we all know that in our dreams it's a reality...
There are people, we all know that in our dreams are for real...

In our dreams we could have everything...
we wish...
we want...
we need...
we long...

In our dreams we could be what...
we want to be...
we need to be...
we would be...

I may never get to hold you so tight
I may never get to kiss you goodnight
I may never get to look deep in your eyes
Or so it seems

I could always dream away...