Thursday, August 06, 2009


I think only few people know that my favorite color is yellow since red dominates in my things. Today sea of yellow covered the metro, happy yellow...calming yellow...vibrant yellow... Though heaven seemed to be crying.

I was celebrating my 6th birthday when the so called EDSA People Power Revolution happened in February 25, 1986, unaware of what's heating-up in EDSA, enjoying my little birthday party. From then on, I had the priviledge of enjoying my natal day as oftentimes declared a special non-working holiday as the country commerates the rebirth of democracy, freedom from dictatorship.

Haven't realize the true meaning of what I am having, of what we are having, until the the television flourished with so much news and tributes for our beloved former President Cory Aquino...

I was glued on the boob tube today (if I'm in Manila, I'll definitely join the people waiting to get even a glimpse of the funeral convoy)... and the people who flocked the wake till the funeral march is astounding. And even I wore a yellow shirt today.

With so much gratitude for the democracy we have right now: Thank you, President Cory!