Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ang Matulog o ang Magising?

"maalala ko???? somedays ago tinanong ako ng kaibigan kung thai dito???? sabi nya if di ba ako nalulungkot matulog mag isa???? sabi ko???? dapat siguro di ba ako natatakot gumising mag isa?????" - albeans

Puerto Princesa - Day 2: Underground River

Palawan Morning...

Buena Vista Viewdeck - on the way to Underground River

at Sabang

Yey! Underground River Adventure!!!

Go! Go! Go!

With our tourist guide, Rogel

Subterranean Park

Lakas ng Trip!

Lunch at Subterranean Park with new friends

EDSA sa Underground!

Veggie Section!

Bats! Bats! Bats!

Candle in the wind...

Bare foot dinner at Ka Lui!

at Ka lui!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Puerto Princesa - Fear Factor

Fear Factor!
dare to eat this....
Puerto Princesa's Tamilok - a Palawan delicacy; a worm like mollusk best served in kinilaw. - a mangrove-boring mollusk...

Wow! ginawang noodles ni Weng!!!

Seryoso! pulutan!

ahmmmm... pwede na pang-picture lang naman... hahaha!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palawan - Day 1 - Puerto Princesa City Tour

First Lunch: Kawayanan Resort, Puerto Princesa

First Stop:
The Butterfly Garden

Palawan Crocs Sanctuary

Friends with the Crocs
(Tapang ni Weng!)

Maximum Inmate: Aura
Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm

Mitra's House

Baker's Hill

Looney Aura!!!

Dinner at Kinabuch's

Tita, Ma, Nanay or what? (2)

September 10,

I was rehearsing at the bus going back to bataan, of what to say: in my thoughts: 'ahmmm.. tita, kmusta na po kayo?'; 'tito...'. So, I figured what I really wanted to call them, tito and tita.

Heavy rain is pouring and I hardly had a hard time finding their internet shop... so, I called my loveko... since I don't have an umbrella...

after 10 mins of standing on the other side of the road and waiting for the rain to stop that seems to be not, I have to cross the street or I'll be waiting all day long...

braving the storm Marci... I was rain soaked standing on the door of the shop...

T: "Oh! Au! basang-basa ka!"
A: "eh wala po kasi akong payong"
T: "Naku, iha matagal na kitang hinihintay na pumunta dito. Buti at nakadalaw ka na."
A: "eh, nahihiya po kasi ako!"
T: "bakit naman?"
A: "ah... eh... ay may pasalubong po pala ako, Nanay from Palawan."
T: "ay salamat, Au, nabanggit nga ni Bernie na nagpunta ka ng Palawan. Sa kumpanya ba?"
A: "hindi po, Nay, kami lang pong magkakaibigan."
T: "aba mabuti yan at nakaka-travel kayo..."
A: "Eh! Nay, pabigay na lang po kay Tatay yung t-shirt dyan. tas kay lanie po yung bracelet"
T: "Andito nga si Tatay mo kanina, eh umuwi na din kasi malakas ang ulan at walang tao sa bahay..."
....... and so the chit- chat went on and on and on... for about 2-3 hrs...
....... and wait... did I just called them Nanay and Tatay?.....
....... oh well! I guess it has to be it.... wink!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Palawan! Palawan! Palawan!

Sharing my latest trip...
Destination: Puerto Princesa, Palawan
Date: September 4-7, 2008
Airline: Cebu Pacific
With: Weng and Richard
....waiting for our 8 in the morning flight at NAIA Terminal 3

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tita, Ma, Nanay or what?

Q: You know what is my greatest dilemma on my current romantic relationship?
A: How to address his parents...

Sure, it's easy to say call them Tito or Tita, Ma or Nay or Ma'am or Sir... but Gosh! don't push me so hard to take it easy...

I have no problem dealing with the parents of my friends especially the closest... in fact, whenever there's an outing or gimik, their parents would always ask them, "Sino kasama?kasama ba si Au?". And when they say 'yes', no further questions... and they will be allowed to go. Or my friends will ask me to talk to their parents personally to have their permission... and that's what I call sure easy thing to do.

You see, I call my friends parents, Nay and Tay. So, when it comes to my boyfriends' parents, there's this awkward feeling of calling them Nanay and Tatay... right away... I even ask for my friends opinion on what to call them but it didn't help much... thay say, I have to figure it out on my own and we just chuckle all about it...

Geezzz! if there is one thing that really got me twisted over my realtionship, this is it! The pressure to be just natural and be myself with them and that my politeness will not be so overly showing... hahaha! it is all sweat and truly hardwork!!! and my confidence is in low level alarm...

And So... help me God!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Countdown begins

I'm on my graveyard shift...
... and yes! the background music plays only Christmas Songs...

... and yes! we are having our little early noche buena: munching "cheding's" (iligans pride: toasted peanuts) while waiting for midnight then we'll be enjoying ube ensaymada from Goldilocks, a variety of drinks: coke, coffee or milo; Lucky Me's chili hot pancit canton, and nacho chips.

... and yes! group bonding!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, September 01, 2008

- Ber

Ok so, it's few minutes to go before the -ber months starts... the last quarter of the year... Geeez! and my little "for aguinaldo" box is still empty...

and now, I need to do some goal check...
1.) place to visit (local) - Ilocos - check
- Palawan - I already have my ticket, but...
2.) country to visit - Australia - kaya ng powers ko 'to! hehehe!
3.) new skill - I'm in new department so new skill, new learnings - check
- driving - still to enroll
4.) financial obligations - I am and still paying...
5.) save up - hmmmm next to check
6.) tidy up - all boxed up! check!
7.) lovelife - Naman! of course, check! check! check!

...... hmmmm..... I'm doing good this year... actually far better....