Thursday, June 25, 2009

Most Thrilling Trip

The plane landed at NAIA Terminal 3 at exactly 2310H, last night. My first plane trip at night. Rode the first trip of Genesis Bus to Bataan at 0030H and arrived safe and sound in Bataan at 0330H.

My Cebu-Bohol trip is my most thrilling, adventurous, fun, super laugh-trip and friendship bonding and most expensive local trip to date.

Oh well, the picture are still for compilation since we've used 9digicams... Gosh! couldn't wait to share my most weather-tested vacation trip ever...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vent out!

I'm going out of town tomorrow... down south... with college friends and officemates... company of 12...
Our too early morning flight, 0450H to be exact is challenging enough to keep our energy at high... so we're taking the last trip of Genesis bus here in Bataan, 2000H and literally be sleeping at T-3 waiting for the flight. Geeezzz!
Great timing for me... the past month has been draining all my eagerness and zest for work, for life and for love...
While my heart seems to start singing a new song... it's quite twisted... I'm twisted...

A little time away perhaps will clear out this web.

...coz you've taken her for granted...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sabi mo...

nagtanong ako ng magandang topic para sa blog ko

What makes me Smile?

What makes me Smile?

- a warm morning sunlight
- a cold rainfall
- a fluffy cloud
- an ice cream
- a coffee talk
- a little thank you
- a polite please
- a sweet hi
- a chilling wind breeze
- a green field
- a beautiful flower
- a nice how are you?
- a sweet embrace
- a white toblerone
- a big bag of ruffles
- a pizza and pasta
- a good night kiss
- a quiet moment
- an rnb music
- a little shopping alone

and the list goes on...
It's the simple things in life I appreciate most...

but U. makes me smile a lot... ('o',)

Monday, June 15, 2009

When Patience is a Virtue

Patience - an ability to suppress annoyance; even-tempered care; diligence
Virtue - moral excellence, goodness, righteousness

I wouldn't describe myself as a patient person. Whenever my capacity to keep my composure is reaching its limit, I tried as much as I could not to keep my cool but to keep my silence... either i would just walk away or if can't, give a sigh and turn my attention on other things... the reasoning out part is done after things have been cooled down...

But just last week... i need to speak up! I have to make a stand when others seemed to be so tongue-tied!

Yep! I had a little argument with my immediate superior...

My ears felt hot as if all my blood went up my head... you know what triggered the fuse, not the work really, but the attitude my superior showed... the approach, parinig, dabog at bubulong-bulong...

by the way, we haven't seen each other since then... it's because of the work schedule. ahhh! good for us!

but of course, he's still my superior and I am his subordinate... and that my patience needs power up!!!

hmmmm.... that is... if I choose not to quit!