Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rare find

I was on my routine trip before heading back to Bataan last Sunday, at my all-time favorite chill-out place. Just going around the malls refreshing myself, when at a bump in a homeware section of a department store, something caught my full attention, I smiled and one person came into mind... and thought it's a rare find, really a rare find.

Could the number and the design be that a little famous that even on a drinking glass it was designed? While I search so many places looking for a specific item with that ecthed but was unfortunate to find one and now in my front, unexpectedly on an unexpected thing... Yeah! It's a good luck indeed!

While I thought, it may be awkward to give it, but whatever, I still find it a rare piece.

And while my creativeness seemed to be rusting already, (haven't done a little artwork in years...). The thought of making it extra special is quite a challenge. How can I make a symbol or something meaningful and not just end it in a cupboard. Oh well, a little connect the dots from a wrapper of a famous doughnut chain for my message and raw-tear calendar for the bag... with my time and effort... it's a labor of love... Naman!

For someone who is also a rare find...