Sunday, October 21, 2007

Into the unknown

I believed people are given the right opportunities that'll prove themselves, their capabilities, their talents or test their individuality. It is on the choices we make that speaks off the difference.

I was timid during my early school years. It was my father who pushed me to try new things and extract what talents I have and skills to develop... but he never forced me to take anything against my will, "just try" he always said, "at least you know what it feels to be there..."

True enough, I started to gain confidence and learn from new experiences... And continously growing and extending my horizons...

When my parents influenced me on my independence, it was the right opportunity to prove what values they instill in me and the kind of upbringing I have, will I go astray or straight? will I be naughty or nice? Freedom to do whatever I want brought the greatest lessons I have learned in my life. Dealing on everyday things on my own test my capability and perseverance. Coping up with the changes strengthened my relationship with God, with my parents, with new found friends and with myself. And taking full responsibility on my life built maturity. All served not in golden plates but in tarnishing dishes that polishing needs a lot of hardwork, patience, passion and faith.

In every new endeavor influence of good mentors, encouraging friends and supportive parents plays a vital role in my decision making. I am blessed to have them all. Of course, the relationship is not always in good harmony, my hard-headedness and stubbornness once in awhile sneaks out. There are mistakes, pitfalls and try again... and in such situations, only the truest among friends remained to be by my side.

Now, in about few weeks time, I'll be subjecting myself to a mental torturing, demanding and agonizing work... (that's how I see it), I admit I am not in any way confident taking it, but I am going to defy my fear and challenge my sleeping brain. Somehow I already foresee that I'm going to shift gears and I think now is the right time... (well, actually, it's a year overdue...been lazy on deciding what to do with the offer, haha! I'm still a bratinella)... then realized that if these people believed in my potential and are confident enough that I can well handle the responsibility, why not I see it in myself? I guess I was way too comfortable to where I am that I am too afraid to get out of it. I guess I choose to stop from learning and growing. I guess I've become a tuod.
Still, I'm a bit scared... but I know I won't be alone on my new journey. More than the presence of my parents and friends, God's light will never burn out.
And I think there are more risky and more challenging opportunities and chances other than this... yeah! like taking a work miles away from home, or getting married hmmmm but before that, taking the chance to love again...(I should be more afraid on this...harhar!)
As Oprah said: Moving out of your comfort zone can be down right scary, but it also proves just how brave you are to take on the unknown... Stronger, braver, wiser.