Friday, May 07, 2010

even just...

i looked at you,
a happy face,
a warm smile,
a gentle aura.

it made me
happy and sad,
excited and anxious,
it brought me
joy and pain,
peace and confusion,
love and hurt.

I know
it won't be long,
but for now,
allow me
to be just me,
to be someone
in your life
maybe a friend?
a good friend?
a best friend?
or just someone
who'll always be
beside you,
be there for you
no matter what...

i know
time will come
that i have
to let go,
move away...
I'm afraid
when that time comes
that I have to tell you
I need to go...
for I know
as much as
I want to hear from you
the words,
Please stay...
I won't hear it
or will I?

in your eyes
I'd like to stay...
even just for a while...