Saturday, September 15, 2007

Something new... Something old

'Akala ko ngayon na may notebook na ako ay magagawa ko nang mag-email everyday... di rin pala... siguro it doesn't mean na if you have something nor someone you'll get to change your priority in life... still you get to be the person who you were before...'
-This was an email from a former workmate who now works abroad.

We used to exchange emails almost everyday until he bought his own apple macbook and said it'll be easier and often for him to send emails since he will not borrow a laptop from an officemate anymore... but yeah! that's the irony of it...

Something new is what we always wanted: new shoes. new clothes, new mobile phones, new boyfriend/girlfriend (?), new partner in life (??), new work, etc

Accumulating material things, having upgrades in our lifestyle, does not guarantee anything... It may make our life more convenient and all... but what matters at the end of the day?

(OT: Sorry, still I won't erase the macbook in my wishlist! ("o,")