Sunday, September 16, 2007

Smash, Drop, Loop

This year's badminton tournament at work began last September 4. Four color-coded teams vie for points and cash prize, (the event is included in the whole year company employee activities where at the end of the year the accumulated points from all the activities held will identify the grand team champion).

Three categories are lined-up: Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles and Mixed Doubles, where no repetitions of player in categories are allowed, to give chance to other members of the team. For the last two years, I was playing in the Women's Doubles category. Lucky to emerge as champion always, (having a good partner is important! it's always the good teamwork that counts).

As I remember when the badminton mania hit the country like the storm Milenyo. Badminton centers sprouted like mushrooms on dead-wet woods. Here in Bataan, we used to have reservations first before able to play on the badminton court atop of a spa clinic. And we take turns to play on only one court there. After few months, the booming demand for badminton courts is spreading like a wildfire, a bigger badminton center was constructed in a vacant lot beside a bank in the city's capital. There are 6 courts available, but still not enough for hungry badminton players wannabe... from 8am till 10pm it was full... buying the rent for 200/hr for the concrete-semi-finished flooring... The owner had the two courts covered with rubber-flooring (nice!) but with 250/hr rent. Huh! People are still flocking the court...(including me).
After a year, another badminton court was constructed within a subdivision beside the highway. Better court, I must say, with wood parquet flooring and better ventillation. Only that it's not so accessible to ordinary commuters...

It became an addicting hobby... and a good bonding activity for friends and families... yeah! hours spend sweating, laughing, coaching, laughing, scoring, laughing, betting, laughing, posing, laughing... So much to benefit from the sport. But, what I like most when we play badminton is the after badminton... the dining out...haha! all the calories lost in hours gained in only minutes of a good meal with friends sharing endless stories together.

hmmmmm.... I don't play much now... it's quite hard to look for a badminton playmate now unlike before...