Thursday, September 13, 2007

Right Words

I'm currently writing my 6th article in the quarterly issue of our company official newsletter, (I'm assigned in the Featured Department Section).

Finding the right words to describe a person is a tedious task... Haha! don't get me wrong here, I don't write something that is isn't true... that's why the right words in the thesaurus is more often than not missing... Haha! (again)

I haven't finished the heading... and just started describing the first personnel included in the department, that my seemed to be sleepy brain screamed... I needed a little diversion... where my words don't need to be perfectly written, where my words don't need to be grammatically correct, where my words are casual and taglish... (in short, mag-blog muna ako!).

When I'm starting to get exhausted in forming sentences into paragraphs with elaborate adjectives, I stand up and take a walk... back and forth, back and forth in the aisle of QC building... hoping to find the right words in between the walls, doors, windows, and equipment... (I write when I'm alone in the building so no one will suspect that I'm getting insane...).

The readers will either believe in what I write or criticize my descriptions. Either way it will affect the person I described in the article.

"Aura, san mo nakuha yung sculpted body? Sya ba talaga yun?"
"Graduate pala siya ng ...... , eh bakit parang hinde?"
"Ahh! kaya pala ganun sya."
"What! good singing voice? well, haven't heard him sing"
"Ayos 'to ah, women of substance... Magaling talaga 'tong si...."
"Hanep super dad pala 'tong si...."
"Wow! ganda ng descriptions ah!"
"Ah! grabe talented na bata!"

I write from how I knew the person, somehow there should be a level of communication between me and that person not simply knowing the person just by his/her name. And every detail that I write is a labor of love...

Please, excuse me, I shall take a walk again...