Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Christmas Countdown

As we are now in the –berrr months, Christmas countdown is a broadcast in every nook and canny places. Christmas wishlists, Christmas gift lists, Christmas parties, gift giving, Christmas fruitcakes, bibingka and puto-bumbong… ahhhh…sarap! Oh! I love the Christmas colorful twinkling bright lights hanging in the streets and in every homes, parols, Christmas trees, Christmas carols are now being prepared, and of course, not to miss Santa Claus (how many Christmas words I’ve written here?)

It is the most celebrated time of the year… causing tremendous heavy traffic, shopping malls highest sales, ant-like shoppers, and busiest airport schedule ever as most OFW’s are coming home to celebrate the occassion with their families…

Last years’ Christmas was a lot of firsts: my first time to celebrate it at work. On graveyard duty on Christmas Eve, we had a little feast at work, of course, 6 ulirang manggagawa of us. Sharing our baons and exchanging Christmas stories. Luckily, we had a normal production operation then. It was one quiet Christmas celebration.

It was my first time to religiously attend and complete the nine nights of novena mass of simbang-gabi. (Weeeee!) Literally, I completed the anticipated nine dawn masses. They say if you were able to complete the simbang-gabi your wishes will be granted… hmmmm… was my wish granted? (I only had a wish!) …it’s too early to tell but I think it’s in the process of granting it to me… (Crossing my fingers).

It was my first time too, not able to shop for Christmas presents for my friends… they only got Christmas greetings from me… (haha! Tipid) Crap! I was way tooooo busy that time… being in the production training…it was insane! (okay! So bawi ako this coming Christmas…).

As early as January I already categorically listed in my planner all my inaanaks, (2 dozens of them and still growing…). From relatives, friends, officemates, neighbors. And already printed out their names and prepared the red envelope I usually give them… And last month I listed the names of the people I’m giving presents… (hope your name is in it). And also listed the MUST PAY FIRSTS atop of all my lists… (haha! Obligations here it comes… panghanda ni Mama, Insurance ni Papa, Pamasko nina Mama at Papa... okay, kamot ng ulo muna!)... Alas! The grand total of... Whooooa!!!! (No gimik muna starting this month till the end of the year…Shocks!)…hmmmm mai-Kaizen nga itong lists ko…hindi naman ako si Santa Claus.

Now I’m thrilled making my own Christmas Countdown together with my Christmas wishlist…