Thursday, September 06, 2007

Christmas Wishlist

While in the company service going to work, a Christmas song suddenly played on the radio. The silent, sleeping employees aboard woke up with grins in their faces;
‘Merry Christmas na!’ everybody said.
‘Yeah! Right! Sad naman ng song na yan!’ I replied.
…. Christmas won't be the same without you
Christmas won't be the same if you go…

I’m a list person, so every start of the year I make sure that I have my lists: the goals I want to accomplish, the things I want to have, the places I want to visit, my priorities… individually scrutinized and categorized under career, spirituality, finance, family, self and development and yeah, there’s a lovelife listed at the bottom. (couldn’t make it a priority as much as I want to, Gosh!)

Now that it’s –ber month, my Christmas wishlist is tolling. Haha! Whether it’s a wish upon a Santa or a wish upon a wish… I know I’ve been good, really, really good this year… but might as well be humble to expect a little…

Here’s my top ten Christmas wishlist: (in no particular order)
(Disclaimer: The list is solely for my own self-gratification, self-indulgence, self-satisfaction, pleasure-seeking wants. Wishlist ko nga eh! Libre ang mangarap!!!)

++ Digital Camera – my Pentax Digital Camera is still under repair… I don’t think it’ll be repaired… (sob!) (Di naman ako mapili Canon, Olympus or Pentax...)

++ Apple Macbook – ok! I’m quite positive of getting this if I won’t be eating and traveling for a year… Hahaha! Super lait to myself… Hell no! please! don’t lure me on using that plastic card! (A friend promised me he'll buy me this, Naku! Friend, Galingan mo sa interview mo ha... Ipag-nonovena kita ng maka-fly ka na abroad... isa kang tunay na kaibigan...)Wink!

++ LeSportsac Bag – been drooling for this since March… (sana malaki Christmas bonus ngayon…)

++ Legolas - hay!!! My prince ever.... (trivia: I have a big poster of him in my room... pang-alis ng pagod bago matulog...)

++ Zara wardrobe shopping - I’m a girl, need I say more?

++ Christmas greetings from that 'someone'– (Asa pa ko!) (he won’t even bother, I know!).. na-lost mo na nga sya eh.

++ Hall of Famer Award from SMC Club – Haha! Hoping next year it’ll be a Hot Christmas!!!! (wag mong sabihing hindi mo alam ang SMC ha... jologs mo!)

++ Christmas Getaway – hmmmm ok I can spare this one since I’ve been to Singapore and Boracay this year… so, long Christmas vacation at home will do… (still I don’t know my shifting work schedule then).

++Derek Ramsay – Fantasy no. 2: Super papalicious, yum yum!!!! (naman! tulo-laway talaga!!! sayang putol yung picture. hahaha!)(Kahit ikaw lang ang matupad sa wishlist na ito...)

++ And lastly, a wish that I WON'T be singing…

All I need to see standing by my Christmas tree
Christmas won't be the same without you…