Sunday, January 07, 2007

yeah! Im asking you, "it's 2007 and so?"
except for throwing your 2006 calendar;
except for the change in the year's end number;
except for updating and filing your ITR;
except for buying a new date planner;
except for the years predictions;
except for etc....etc....etc....
what could be the difference?
when everybody's busy making their own new year's resolution...blah..blah...blah...
have you ever stop for a while and think what difference does all of these make?
i mean, after all the merry-making and parties and greetings of better year to come, does it make you a better person? is my first article for 2007 and im becoming a pessimist.... no! I'm not!
I celebrated the new year with my family, it was the usual... after attending a mass, we ate the medya noche, mom cooked. So, I still asked what's the difference?
it wasn't all the fireworks nor the noise we created to keep the bad spirits away
it was the peace I felt amidst all the noise, amidst all the celebrations and loud music...
it was the completeness I felt seeing my family together, being with them...
it was the joy in my heart God filled...