Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Let me see…

I haven’t evaluated my 2006. The first three days of the year, I had a slight fever, cough and irritating colds and when I returned to Bataan, my worked schedule is a killer. If this indicates what will be my 2007, then I’ll be a cranky-nut.

Gosh! I wasn’t even able to shop for Christmas presents for my friends. T’is the only year that my December to-do list is outrageous, crazy and screwed.

Contradicting it may seem, I had the most peaceful Christmas and New Year ever. I don’t know how everything just fall into place. I was stuck in the middle of restlessness yet deeper within tranquility embraced me. Okay, insane maybe! As I went on my to-do list, it didn’t bother me anymore on how I’ll be able to wrap it all up. I guess, it’s the spirit of Christmas. The spirit that takes your worries away and makes you smile and hopeful amidst all the hustle and bustle. Geeez! How I love Christmas!!!

My 2006 was really a great, great year. (Year of the Dog…my year…as in…Au-au-au!) hehehe! (actually, I’m under Year of the Monkey). Looking back, the priority to get myself back is a winning struggle… Ha!ha! Because it wasn’t easy picking each broken self-piece after a failed relationship. If there’s a life testimony I’ll give, it will be on moving on. (okay! Enough said). My family bonded more. Seeing my father refraining from drinking alcohol, attending to church masses more often and becoming more loving to my mother is a leap of joy for me. Seeing my mother more and more loving and supportive and keeping the family God-fearing is more than enough to keep my gratitude overflowing.

More than all the blessings I received last year, what I treasure most is my relationships. My relationship with my family, my friendships, my relationship with my self and my relationship with God. My bank account’s balance is still at minimum but I’m proud to say that my relationship account is reaping its fruits. God showered me with so much loving, caring, supportive, encouraging, and enlightening relationships. All heaven’s treasure. (somebody said to me only one relationship is missing… I replied: you won’t feel any is missing if you are happy with what you have…it’s in your perspective).

Let us all see things in a more positive angle and unfold the blessings yet to come…