Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kikay Time

Beauty advices and secrets from Tita Chat.

A little kikay time with Tita Chat. Something I needed this time.

My fairgay-mother working her magic with me.
I honestly don't put make-up, well, I can't go out without putting a lipstick and that's it! Actually, it's my only fettish.
I have been working in a laboratory since I graduated and working on a field in a petrochemical plant doesn't suggest to put make-up on along with my hard hat. I guess, I've never been kikay in putting palettes of colors onto my face. Neither I'm blessed with a clear-smooth skin. All this time, my breakouts never really gets tired of popping out of my face.
And what more could agitate the happy bacteria on my oily face than dust, coal dust in my work. Haha! Otherwise I change my workpath to be selfishly indulging into a breakout-free face.
Untill then, a little protection from such working environment. My wonder - wear a foundation!

Thank you, Tita Chat for our little kikay time.