Tuesday, March 05, 2013

New Home!

I moved out from the company provided flat.
In our contract, after two years, those with their own families can bring them here but they have to move out and look for their own place to stay. And my housemates' have families, Weng with husband Efren, Lisette with husband, Eric and son, Carlos. Obviously, I will be owning the flat alone, uhm, that's only my imagination. I have to move out as well, but still the rent will be subsidized, if I join in with the other unit.
A minimum of six months rent subsidy extension or until our Permanent Residency application has been granted for us singles.
But I opted to rent on my own. Just a room in the house of Tita Bing, A Filipina I met in church. She’s a widow, and her daughter works in Perth. In short, she’s alone in the house.
I know I could save a bit more if I choose to join with my fellow workmates, but the hassle of packing and unpacking, of moving in and out, of changing my address in all of my identifications here is not worth the stress at all.
The idea of savings, didn’t actually save my decision over the new breathe of fresh air.

For 26 months, Emma Street, you are my home, I owe you all of my firsts wonderment here in AU, the fully carpeted stairs and rooms, the toilet with bath tub, the insinkerator, the hot and cold water in all the sinks, the singing birds in my bedroom window and much much more.

The best memories of get-together. The abode of all the tears and laughter for us first timers abroad. 

And now, a new perspective for a new place to stay (for how long, that I didn’t know) but this is truly exciting for me.

Hello, Burrabi Street!