Sunday, August 05, 2012

To Be Needed

Our needs.
I was so sure what I wanted in life when almost 2years ago an opportunity to work abroad came as my lifes' biggest surprise. It took all my so-called "home-life" away. It screamed, you NEEDED to grab this and go away.
Yes! Literally, go away and perhaps, subconsciously more so, be away.
While in the middle of an emotional battle, the only clear thing was the light shining on the path of "going away".
And it happened.
It's echo reminds me every single day of the fact that this is what I need/ed to do.
The hopes and dreams, anxieties and fears, mixed up with excitement and the promise of a brighter future not just for me but for my family and my "family to be", back then.
The need to survive every sleepless nights and 'aloneness' is the biggest struggle of all. And the only warmth I was desperately holding onto was from someone who eventually just gave up on me. And there goes the need to survive on my own.
It is a painful process to go through. But everyday, every single day is a day to celebrate for God has blessed me with wonderful people who surrounds me and continuously gives a blanket of support and the feeling of being home.
Someday, someone is going to make me feel that I am needed in his life. That I am the most important part of his being and who will not just give up on me.

I am a work-in-progress!