Thursday, July 19, 2012



This November, it'll be my 2nd anniversary here in AU. Wow! I survived! ...and I know it'll be more and more years to come.
When this year started, for the first time, I don't have plans or anything to accomplish in my goals. But I know I should have something to work on for my residency here. I'm such a free-careless-dead-mind!
I took a halt and needless to say, literally stopped my world for living. I only got this routine of work-home-sleep-eat-work-home-sleep-eat. In social events, physically I'm there but my spirit wanders elsewhere. I'm faking smiles.

When I get home, and all I wanted was someone to talk to about my day or just about anything or to listen to his stories... I'll call my friends, and it'll feel good, but you know that feeling when only one person can make you feel best just by hearing his voice...and it's like magic, all your worries are gone, knowing that someone is just there for you.

I guess I'm way too slow to cope up with the fact that there's no "only person" exists in my life. I mean, not anymore, anyways it's been quite awhile since then. Oh well!

Got to have...