Friday, March 30, 2012

Post-Advance Birthday

So so Love it!

Just as I get to sleep this morning. This woke me up!

I know I will always have you,
And you will always have me,
No matter what!

Thank you so much for keeping up with me always! I know I'm such a hard-headed person and so independent! But you have all the patience and understanding in the world for me.

Hats off ako sa effort mo. Always on the same level, never fading and never failing.

You are my EB - Evil Bestfriend and I am your MB - Maldita Bestfriend.

We are soulmates.

Heto ang nilakbay ng package mo:

Sa susunod, ipa-package mo na ang sarili mo! hehe!

Goodluck naman sa size ng pinagawa mong sticker para sa kotse ko. Owverrr ang laki! hahaha!

Sige na nga, bibilin ko na ang pinabibili mo. Hanep may kapalit pala 'to! hahaha!

Love You, BFF! Mwah!

Hong Kong Disneyland Dec. 2011

Hong Kong Dec. 2011
Macau Dec. 2011