Monday, December 05, 2011

My Last Week

I'm on morning shift this week.
And it's my last week shift for this year, my last week here in Brissy.
My flight is on Saturday at 1210pm via Cathay Pacific.
While I'm having a detour before going straight to the Philippines, my Papa is so excited to fetch me in the airport.
Definitely, there'll be drama, a MMK scene! Gosh! I know I'm gonna cry upon seeing them. Warm-tight hugs!
To think, I was only away for a year. How much more if years and counting. (whew!, but I got to prepare myself for that!).

This video captured the hearts of all OFW's around the globe.

...and to see you in person once again, hug you tight and if not too much, kiss you. It's a Christmas wish come true...