Tuesday, December 06, 2011

My Dilemma

Been in battle between 'Yes" or 'No' in months.
I know, it should obviously, be a Yes. But, of course, other things I should consider.
And the last thing I wanna do is to hurt my sister-friend. I can't be a missing person on that day. I know my presence is highly expected. And besides, it's my second home.

It's just that...

You see, after going through an ordeal of much tears and stress, all you wanted is to just vanished from those creepy-judgmental eyes of people whom gossiping runs in their bloodstreams.
Putik! (That's just how I swear! I can't say that famous P Filipino swear word)

But then again, it's only in few days time.
And honestly, I'm more than excited, in fact, I'm ecstatic to be there! But one thing is for sure, I'll be killing myself again... (oh well, looking forward to another year(s) of recuperation).

That's life! You love, you fall, you love again and fall fall again and it goes on. Till that someday, someone will tell you, 'it's time to dry up your tears, baby'.
Wehhh! di nga???!

Obviously, I'm trying so hard here convincing and preparing myself that I'll be alright there. Crapppp!!!