Thursday, November 03, 2011

Do You Runaway?

"Au, kunin mo na ako dito".

A friend's far cry.

I was going to sleep when something in me pushed to get online. Tuesday morning.

I was right. I needed to get online. It was the right timing.

"Gusto kong magpakalayo-layo". 

"I wish I have pixie dusts and in a snap of my fingers, I could, in an instant bring you here, my friend".

My friends biggest dilemma... heartache.

When we're hurt too much, the first thing we wanted is to get away from the real world. For soul searching, for starting anew, for moving on, for reflection, for trying to leave the past behind, for hoping it was just a bad dream. But true enough, we can get away from it but it will caught us up in time.

I questioned myself, did I also runaway?...  from a heartache?...

My heart could only wish to runaway with you...