Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I've Got To Be Brave

Only one phone call...
Today is the Feast Day of the Assumption.
A bus trip to Marian Valley, Canungra was organized in St. Joseph's & St. Anthony's Parish here in Bracken Ridge.
Back home (Philippines), every October, (month of the Holy Rosary) we held Marian Pilgrimage, where we visit different Marian Churches (parishes were its patron saint is the Blessed Virgin Mary) around the Metro and in the near-by towns.
So, when I've heard about the activity a month ago, I was excited to participate and immediately asked my Catholic friends to join with me, but they refused. I was saddened.
Two weeks before the trip, they announced that only few seats are left for those who wanted to join the trip. Still undecided, I prayed for courage to make that phone call for a seat reservation.
It's bravery (if I may say) to decide just to join by myself. (and yeah!, Our Mother, assured me that I need not to be afraid).
Just one phone call, on a Monday morning. A soft and kind voice answered me. (how can I be so naive!)
And one more prayer request, that there would be another Filipino who'll join, (or else, I'll be in total nosebleed for the entire trip, hahaha!).
It was granted, there's Tita Bing.

Joining a group of wiser grown-ups =)
Yes! I've Got To Be Brave!
You've Got To Be Brave!
or else, great opportunities for learning and growth will be wasted.
or else, wonderful life experiences will be missed.
or else, wonders of building and strengthening relationships will be blown away.

We've Got To Be Brave!
...to take our chances in Life and in Love!