Saturday, March 19, 2011


It was not on my dreamlist to learn the skill of driving a vehicle. What was written was just to have a car together with a chauffeur. (Haha!)

When an opportunity to work abroad was at hand, one of the requirements is a drivers license, (which was of course, easy to get back in the Philippines! see post Fix(er) it!).
I asked a friend to teach me to drive, we have what we need except for the schedule. And so, time ticked that I have to enroll myself in a driving school, a week before my flight here in Australia. It was my most craziest week ever. What to expect of what I have learned in just 5hrs or less, simple: where's the break, accelerator, stirring wheel, drive, reverse, park, and U-turns. Hayst!
When we arrived here, the transportation is such an ordeal. Bus and train schedule, calling a cab and waiting, walking and the hassle of time consumption and money-wise.
There was a night, when the cab we called arrived an hour late, there I told myself, this can't be for too long. I've got to have my own car and learn to drive the Australian way as soon as possible. I put it on top on my things to accomplish list. I was determined. I got to have my Australian driver's license the soonest. And to add, that my local driver's license is expiring came February.
I enrolled myself in a driving school here. And yeah, it was an investment, it was costly. I had 7 lessons before my instructor, Stephane (he's French living here for 14yrs), that I can take the practical driving test. And getting a schedule for the practical driving test is even more tedious, waiting time was three weeks, earliest.
And so, my local license got expired and I had to get my Learners' License, to be able to continue driving here while I wait for my practical driving test. (March 10).
There's a whole lot more in driving here than just being behind the steering wheel and knowing the breaks and accelerator. Giveways, roundabouts, speed, school zone, and yeah, the most important of all, they are right-hand drive. My road orientation turned upside down!
The biggest challenge ever I took in learning a skill.
Come March 10, my judgement day. I failed. (Story on another entry). Honestly, I see it coming, there's this something in me, that I know I will not pass the test. But God, gives a blessing after a lowdowner. I got another test booking just 5days later.
This time I know, I will be ready. I will make it. I got to make it...
And here's the proof!