Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fix(er) it!

After my graveyard shift, I headed straight to pay up all my utility bills.
With the increase in fare hike, (which includes the trycycle fare here in Bataan, gosh! P9.00/head), I opted to walk. Morning sunshine and exercise... good for the body...

Around 9 am I was in the LTO office, to apply for a Non-Professional Drivers License. A man in green polo shirt approached and asked me: 'Mam! student permit po?' which I replied: 'No!'
As I entered the building the same smiling guard from where I applied for my student permit, said: 'Hi! Mam! Non-pro na po?'...
and so... the application for my non-pro license took only less than 2hrs when it should be for almost half day...

Oh well! for the breakdown of how much I spent:
-P250 for the drug test (urine sample and it took only 5mins...)
-P100 for the medical (height and weight alone)
-P100 for the application form(?)
-P500 for the processing fee (?)

...but my receipt (excluding the drug test and the medical) only P340.00. Hay! Pilipinas kong mahal!
... and take note I don't know how to drive at all...