Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rewarding myself

It's Australia's Boxing Day - most of the shops are on their craziest sale ever from 50% to 70% off on most if not all of their selling goods. An aussie co-worker explained that the name came from boxes, meaning when they buy stuff, boxes are needed to pack many good-cheap finds.
But, I guess, it's because you need to box with other consumers hauling over the sale stuffs. hahaha! Boxing Day is boxing day--- super dooper sale!
Oh well, shopping for women, is our favorite sport, past time, stress reliever, mood therapy, etc. (bigger hahaha!) so, obviously, I did not let this occasion passed by. (naman!)
Shoes, shoess, shoesss. Bags, bagss, bagss. Dress, dressess, dressesss. Accessoriesssss. Jewelriessss... Gosh!!!
I got some shoes, shoes, and shoes... hahaha! (I already bought, tops, skirts, dresses a week before but not shoes).
But on top of my list is so far, my most expensive Christmas gift for myself... (and yeah, they're Not on sale!). Heck! I still rewarded myself...