Saturday, December 25, 2010

Quiet Christmas

It's less than 3hrs past Christmas, and another countdown begins for the next one...
Starting cold Christmas morning with Skype, talking to my parents and family, is our first time. And true, I've never dreamed of having this kind of conversation with them. Never in my lifetime. But, here I am, destiny took its own course, miles away from home, tech
nology kept me near them and them with me.
And just right before the tears start to shed, I'd said my I love you's and goodbyes. I have to. It's Christmas, it should be merry, happy and joyful celebration and not teary, sad and lonely. But, will not deny, it got me more quiet... nothing to say, silence enveloped me...
The best thing to do to cap that silence is to sleep... Yep! I slept the rest of the day and watched tv 'til sleepiness creeps in again... (and yep, after writing here).
Thank you to all who
send their Christmas txt messages and greetings in FB, and phone calls.
With my gratitude to God over this years' blessings and for the years to come. Wishing all of us a more blessed year ahead...
Oh well, I should be getting used to this... Quiet Christmas with Skype..

Merry Christmas! =)