Thursday, April 29, 2010


The scar you get, either leaves a permanent mark or completely gone. How can you tell if the scar has totally healed? A scar from childhood playfulness? a scar from an accident? a scar from the past?
As I look on my 5day old motor burn, it saddens me, I'm 30 and regeneration of skin is obviously slower. It frustrates me not to be able to wear shorts, skirts, dresses on going out for quite sometime.
But on a deeper note, I asked myself, are the scars in my life, the hurts from love, the pains, the failures completely healed, forgotten, got over with or still haunting?
My life's greatest lessons are learned from these deep-pitted and shallow scars. And yes! I had my fair share on battling over these challenges.
Time heal all wounds... I believe, but for how long? I guess, it's a matter of faith and love to live a happy life!