Sunday, April 20, 2008

Case No. 6: LDR

Aura, why another LDR?

The most common question I got from my friends after announcing that after years of single-blessedness I'm in a relationship again.

I wasn't surprised at all, in fact I did asked myself the very same question. And to be honest, neither my heart nor my brain blurted the answer/s to my face. It just happened... No! it wasn't magic or some sort of illusion or mantra or spell. It just happened... Not that I wasn't thinking at that moment, in fact, it was the most serious conversation I've ever had.

I guess, because I have known the situation even before things bloomed. The picture of myself in a distant relationship is already given and the choice has been long put forward.

The thing is, he is far different person and cannot be compared to the past relationship. And that this time, the foundation isn't base on impulse or giddy feelings, or volatile excitement. It's the talks, the likes, the dreams, it's more than the feelings, it's the friendship.

In my point of view, Long Distance Relationship (LDR) doesn't just mean the miles or kilometers away from each other. In-between oceans, mountains, countries... blah...blah...blah...
It could also mean:
* that you may be together, but doesn't really "talk";
* that neither of you knows what the other is up to or feels or likes;
* the fact that you are getting clueless of your SO's;
* spending time together is in your last list;
* you start getting too comfortable with each other that you unconsciously ignore your partner;
* and the list goes on...

And I can say that, the only disadvantage of my relationship now is the physical absence of my Loveko, true there are times that the feeling of loneliness shrouds me, but hey, I have live with it, and pull through. It's a compound of constant, deep, shallow, humorous, serious, mushyness, meaningful and honest conversations.

Yep! I'm in a long distance relationship but it doesn't really feel at all...