Saturday, March 29, 2008

Glad to know

I was totally surprised when my Loveko, texted me about my blogging (few days ago)...
I know even before that he manages to take a glimpse of my simple thoughts written here, but not so much of notice. So, when he took time now, (I guess because that I'm his girl now or maybe because of e-mail boredom, which of course, I prefer the first reason) reading 'by heart' all the articles here, he was even more smitten to know that the character 'Kuya' has long been an extra here... Oh well! the only way I know of expressing my admiration.

His gesture is really sweet and warm and encouraging. I know I'm kinda getting mushy here, but true, when someone tells you that your work is great, or simply good, irregardless of who that person in your life is, it just makes you feel light and proud of yourself. And inspires you to keep on doing it and making it better and better.

Show your appreciation, commend someone's work and brighten up his day.

Glad to know that his housemates are also reading my little corner, to ruth and rachel, thank you for 'tambay' here. and yeah! hope to meet you soon... c",)

Loveko, thank you very much po! ("o",)