Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friendster Friends

Have you noticed how many are there in your Friendster Friends List?

Today, I approved 2 friends to be included in my growing Friendster Friends List.
I didn't noticed the number of friends in my account... Gosh! 220 to date.

Wow! so many friendssssss....... Am I that friendly? (ang alam ko suplada ako!)

Hmmmm, then I thought of categorizing them one by one. From my younger-yearning days to growing-maturing years.

Here's the list:

Gradeschool/Highschool - classmates, schoolmates - 41%
(wow! existing pa pala sila, nakakakilala at naaalala pa ang good 'ol times)

College - classmates, peers, friends, teacher - 46%
(hanep! keep in touch pa rin!)

Katekista - 18%
(church friends!)

Work - 69%
(it's like a family!)

Relatives - 10%
(mas madami ang matatanda na sa pamilya)

Stangers/ Acquaintances/ Affiliations - 36%
(expanding my circle of friends)

I know some people even have 500+, (how many is the maximum number of friends in a friendster account?) that I need to check...

Anyway, it's fun to know from which area in your life is your most numbered friends.
Try it yourself! Wink!