Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fan ako

I already missed a week episode of Ysabella...
too bad for me, since it's the only teleserye I'm hooked now after Maging Sino Ka Man ended (syempre hintay ko ang Book 2 nito)...
I really like Juday's performance here; tough yet light. makulet na malambing, simple na nakakatuwa... and the fact that Juday's really blooming... (mag-fi-fitrum na nga ako!!! hehehe!)

and next week... I'll be missing more episodes bacause of my work schedule.... haaaaayy!!!

I really miss seeing derek....yummy!!! panalo appeal promise!!!

and the most of all...

fan ako ni aiza... wehehehe!
(walang pakialaman blog ko 'to!!!) (^_^)