Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Preparing For This

Oi! Oi! Oi!

After four years of living here in AU, having already my permanent resident visa for two years, I am now eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship.

Everything you need to know is on their website: Australian Government: Department of Immigration and Border Protection

You can apply online or by postal.

Applying online is easy, though it will take some time as pages of applications forms is to be filled up. And all documents needed is to be scanned and attached.

If postal, documents needed to be photocopied and signed by the Justice of the Peace.

I made my application online. Application fee is paid only through a credit card. The Reviewer (the book, photo above) is free, just send them an email in their website and they will send it to you. Or you can download their dvd or watch their You Tube presentation. Test resource.

Once the application has been lodge, an email will be sent to you with your transaction number that they received your application and after a few days another email will be received with the date/schedule of the written examination and some instructions on what to bring, your documents and other proof of identification on the day of the examination.

Well, there is a practice test on the website. So, we have an idea of what the questions will be like.

For the meantime, I'm on reading mode.