Friday, February 20, 2015


20 out of 20!

My examination schedule for my Australian Citizenship is at 140pm last Monday, in the CBD. When I entered the waiting room, there's this United Nations' feeling as I call it. Seeing different skin color, races and different ages of applicants. Mostly Asians.

They allot 45minutes to finish the examination. It was translated to different languages as well. The exam is computer-base and multiple choice.

With all my original documents checked, instructions were given. Giving you your specific reference number and proceeded to the available computer.

Passing is 75%; 15 out of 20.

It took me only 5mins to finish answering the questionnaire. Straight away after clicking FINISH, my score pop out with CONGRATULATIONS!

So what questions were given? All about Australia. It's history, government, people, culture and geography. It's all in the test resource.

Yes! Now, all to do is wait for the oath taking ceremony in few months time.

And of, course, my pogi celebrated with me, fetching me in the CBD after my exams.