Friday, January 23, 2015

Happy Me

It's a different kind of excitement.
I never felt before. The anticipation is a thrill for me. And my heart is pounding hard and I'm out of breath. Whew! I knew... I'm gonna be with him again...

Pushing my trolley slower as I passed the exit door, my eyes were in search for that familiar face. Few more steps I saw him rushing towards me, calling out my name. And there, for the first time ever, that certain moment when he held me in his arms and embraced me ever so tightly, and kissed me tenderly, I was lost. I was lost in time. There was this feeling of happiness I can't contain that I burst into tears.

We laughed. We kissed again. Laughed more. Kissed more.

I am home.

I am with him.

Flowers waiting for me in the airport.