Friday, December 12, 2014

This Is Home

The plane landed at exactly 1205H, right on schedule.
All the passengers were more than excited to finally step in the land of the Philippines. Some went home years ago, some were tourist, mostly were the balikbayans.
But, it's December, peak time, and as expected... we got delayed because there's no parking space available for the plane, all the connecting tubes were occupied.

Yes, we stayed inside the plane, agitated, frustrated, disappointed, waited for more than half an hour. Held in the tarmac, just watching all the planes come and go (I'm sitting on the window side). Listening to all the complaints, whining, and the true Pinoy spirit of making fun and jokes out of our dreaded situation.

For all that is, I'm gald to set foot home and had the warmest hugs only my parents could give.