Saturday, December 20, 2014

Back in Coron, Palawan

After 6 years, I found myself going back to this serene place.
Coron, Palawan. But this time I'm with my family.

Of course, memories came back when I first visited this place, the same tourists spots, though the mainland shows improvements on infrastructures and hotels popping up all around. But, the airport seemed to have been left behind on improving its services. (which I won't brag anymore, just frustrating).

Yes, it was all but romantic moments the first time I was here. Far from this time. It's family love. Laughter. Games. Sharing. Giving. With us 13 adults and 1 child, it's a riot, luggages after luggages, full packed van, more than last supper long table and photos, photos, photos and heaps of fun.

I already missed the trip last 2011 in Boracay. When my cousin Cris and Alfie got married and my cousins from the US came home. This year, my cousin Meryl got married, so they went home again. And another trip for the whole family.

Took only some photos on my camera phone.