Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Planners and Diaries

In this day of age, call me old fashioned but I love planners and diaries in it's paper glory.
I got my smartphone, I know I can input all my appointments, schedule, notes, reminders and even my blog entries in it, but I prefer the old fashioned way, write it in paper.

Nothing fancy, expensive or too much of design.
I got my very first planner in gradeschool. Since then, I always have one. It's one of my "must-have" things every year. And for the last five years, I'm just into this cheap but just the right size planner/diary of National Bookstore's Best Buy brand. Yep! Just the Best Buy, but it is really your best buy.
I go all the way just to have one for this year (since I'm here in AU), I asked my friend Zash, to buy one for me and send it here, but through someone who's going here. Sending it via DHL or Fedex is not worth it though.

Happy girl, when I got it in time for my birthday (nevermind if it's two months late for the start of the year).

And I brought it all with me here (from 2009 planner).