Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Well Done, My 2013!

 Another year has ended.
I'm very grateful this has been a very fruitful year for me.
I got my Permanent Residency here in Oz.
I got to travel with my parents and friends in Bangkok, Thailand.
I moved to a new place with Tita Bing. (who is a mother to me).
I still have my job.
Old friendships strengthened and new ones blooms.
and more blessings...

While "someone new" still in the lurks of somewhere...I'm positive this year I'll meet him. (Walang kokontra!)

Cheers for another year of blessings of good health, happiness and more love!

One gummy shark on my cocktail

But there's another waiting at the bottom. Sign na ito!
Welcome 2014!