Thursday, April 04, 2013

Melay's Father

I was shocked when I read the txt of my friend Zashi.

She told me Melay's father just died.
I immediately called Melay.
When she answered, her voice was shaking, and there are long pauses in between our conversation, she didn't know what to say until she bursts out. I cried along with her.
And her words: "Si Papa ang lagi sumusundo sa kin sa airport".
I can feel her pain.

I met her father last year, when her parents accompanied us to the airport for our trip to Boracay.

Melay is working in Singapore and is set to go home by the end of this month because it was her father's birthday.
Terrible. Painful. Heartbreaking.

I couldn't say more. My warmest condolences to Melay and the rest of the family.

Zashi, Melay and Me at Singapore, June 2012