Monday, March 11, 2013


When independence is defined as DIY (Do-It Yourself).
Ever since I lived on my own, I learned how to treat each puzzle piece of every DIY furniture I bought as a precious stone. Every screw, plank, rod, handle, dowel, rivet, nail, name it, it's all my precious!

I should have taken carpentry perhaps, Haha! During my first year in college, since I am a technician by course, we have subjects like Workshop Technology, where here's carpentry and use of lathe machine, Engineering Materials and Basic Electricity. Exposing us to different fields where technicians excel. (I am a Chemical Technology graduate, by the way).

When I was growing, I remember, Papa, teaching me how to use his working tools. I have to memorize all the names of it. At 8 years old, I could identify long and flat nose pliers, ratchet, wire cutter, pipe/open/close/adjustable wrenches, positive and negative screw drivers. And of course, how to use them.

At that age, I knew I wanted to be a Mechanical Engineer. I wanted to inherit Papa's working tools. (He has a complete set of every working tool you could think of! All shiny and arranged and kept accordingly, treated as precious stones).

How did I end up in Chemistry field is entirely a different story.

Papa, trained me well. And these DIY are such a piece of cake!

 I dismantle my bed, for moving out. Of course I assembled it again when I moved in in my new room.

My second drawer to assemble. I assemble one for a friend.

Just to feel winter for my coats to hang, but actually, I'll use it for my bags.

Other finished  DIY: my side tables, my tv stand, the dining table and chairs, bookshelves.

Haaayyy! I still wish someone will do these things for me.