Thursday, January 12, 2012

Look Back

Past... Future...

I'm a sentimental fool.
In fact, in my treasure box, you'll find even the ribbon from the gift of special people in my life.
When I got to packed my luggage (going to AU), I'm all set that I'm going to bring it with me.
But, of course, due to limited weight allowed, I have to choose between winter jackets and my treasure box. And the winter jackets won.
But I still got to bring some. (The receipts from a 24/7 convenience store, the half pair of the earrings, the pair of the special drinking glass, a kiddie watch and I've got to wear the baller). Trinkets of memories.
I just smiled when my mother saw it and ask me if I needed them.

I'm a sentimental fool.
My past is what keeps me grounded.
I have made wrong decisions and bad choices.
I have loved and failed.
I have committed mistakes.
But I'm still standing.

I was in pain.
I am in pain.
I will be in pain.

I was hurt.
I am hurting.
I will be hurt.

All are under my life's journey.
I'm not an exemption.

You are my strength.
You are my weakness.
The memories, our memories I'll keep in my heart...
No regrets, just Love!