Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fairytale Do Come True

The most awaiting event of the year
It's the wedding day of Efren and Weng!
Wow! It's a fairytale indeed!

Weng texted me last Dec.10, when I was in the Brisbane Airport. Telling me how Efren steal the limelight in our former company's Xmas party. It was Efren's proposal!!! Gosh!!! And so Efren sang Nothing Can Stop Us Now, giving Weng a ring on his bended knees, and telling the world his love for her! Oh what a scene, and yeah, I miss that!

I called Efren while I was waiting for my boarding time. "Ganun pala talaga Au, pag totoo at malalim yung pagmamahal mo sa isang tao, magagawa mo pala yung mga bagay na akala mo hindi mo kaya at hinding-hindi ka mahihiyang ipagsigawan ito sa mundo."

Hearing it from Efren, made me hope that there are few good men out there whose heart will still be caught by Cupid's arrow!

I am a living witness on how their love story unfolds and bloomed and now a fairytale come true!