Monday, October 24, 2011

Purple Shower

We had a surprise bridal shower for my dear friend Weng last Saturday.
Held at Fat Louie's Karaoke Bar in Brisbane City The Bride To Be was set up to have a bonding time with two of our other friends. While the rest of our little circle of Pinay friendships here, went to the venue, decorated the room and waited with so much anticipation.

I organized the event, with the theme of Purple Shower, (wear something purple). I've prepared little fun-naughty games and gift surprises for everyone.

I am overwhelmed with so much support from everyone. The night was made to delight not just Weng, but all of us who shared our time, effort and friendship.

Weng learned so much with the tips and advices from the married ones, as well as the rest of the singles, including me, of course.

It was a night of naughtiness, clean fun and lots of laughters and cheers!

No wonder the day after I was comatose in bed. With hangover not from the liquor (I only drank one bottle of Vodka Cruiser, I can't drink a lot since I needed to drive home) but from happiness from the night that was.

My Happy Love masterpiece was my gift to the very-soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Gualdajara.
I'll share some wholesome pictures soon...

(I was about to call you after the party, and tell you everything about it, but I remember I was not in your world anymore, God! I miss you so so much, mornyt!)