Friday, October 07, 2011

Pray for Good Health

I called home today.
Papa texted me about his check-up results. (Remember the lump behind his ear). The first doctor gave him antibiotics and was observed for a week if the lump will subside. But it did not. He went to see another doctor and was given a stronger dosage of antibiotics which he has taken for a week as well. Having the same results, the doctor advised him to have it operated. A major operation it is, since the lump is surrounded by sensitive nerve and arteries, he has to be injected by anesthesia.
Afterwhich, the lump will be subjected to biopsy to see whether it's benign or malignant.
The operation is to be schedule the soonest.

Let's pray for my Papa's operation.

I hope I could talk to you...mornyt