Saturday, October 01, 2011

A Daughters' Lost (cont.)

Tomorrow tears will pour like rain
I was talking to Papa yesterday morning. We were on the phone for half an hour. He was excited telling me about Mamas' little happiness (i.e. shopping in divisoria - for curtains and other trinkets). He told me, he's going to date Mama tomorrow after his check-up with the doctor (he has a lump behind his left ear). A little stroll in the mall and dine in a restaurant. As always the conversation ends not with byes but with I miss you's and I love you's.
As I put down my phone, I can't imagine not hearing that voice again or not seeing the person ever again. I can't imagine losing my Papa.
I find myself in tears, I miss him a lot.

Tomorrow tears will pour like rain from the eyes of my *Nice friend, Ate Sayds and her family, as they will lay down her father to his final rest. (Her father died of kidney failure).
It is heartbreaking for me too, as I can only be there for her thru phone call. Her father is very fond of me. I had a week vacation with her whole family in Oras,Samar in 2008. And her mother always prepares Lumpiang Ubod whenever I visit them in Sta. Rosa Laguna. (I so love that!). I'm really close to them.

With all my sincerest condolences and prayers to Ate Sayds and her family.
With my *Nice friend Ate Sayds Nov. 2009

Ate Sayds is my college classmate/friend since 1996
*Our pet name for each other