Thursday, October 20, 2011

Artsy in AU

Gosh! I'm digging my mind to remember the last time my hands splashed some colors in a canvass.

 I will share my little artsy secret: I am in my most creative and imaginative when my heart is in tears. (It's obvious in my works). And I work best when half of the world is asleep. I got to concentrate when the only music to my ears is a cricket singing.

But, I have no masterpiece lately, when it is more obvious what I am going through. It's not because I have no time. It's simply because my world is in comatose.

Still breathing.

I know I have to come back to life.

I am trying so d*mn hard.

And I will...

Yeah! For my first artsy here in AU... it will be a Happy Love! That's a dare to myself!

Goodluck to me! ('o^,)