Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sharing The Night Together

It's Waveback Wednesday on Wave 89.1
It's my weekly music habit for years now. (so happy they have live streaming I can still listen to them from Land Down Under!). Listening to the not so oldies but goodies songs soothes and relaxes my being. Though some makes me more nostalgic and senti mode, still it brings sunshine to me.

And when I just tuned in today, the song Sharing The Night Together has just started playing. Hanep naman talaga! Parang nang-aasar lang! =) 

Obviously, it brought a big big smile on my face as I sang along with it.

The world really is a big ball of surprises! lots and lots of surprises!

Here's my previous blog on it why that big smile on me: Oh Yeah! All Right